Space Circles
Space Circles is a web based game that was created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in collaboration with designers Jamie Highlander and Lauren Williamson. The game is an immersive narrative experience that was inspired by the classic conventions of retro video game design, evoking a strong element of nostalgia.

From start to finish, Space Circles takes the user on a space mission throughout a universe that was inspired by the ethereal environments that were crafted by Kandinsky in his paintings. As the user enters the site, they are given the opportunity to embody the role of a cosmonaut on a life-saving mission to save a planet that is in danger of being engulfed by a nearby black hole. Upon acceptance, the player will travel from planet to planet, completing tasks and collecting parts to build a tool to destroy the black hole and save civilization on the endangered planet.

Has been on display at:
+ The Contemporary Cress Gallery
  Chattanooga, TN