The Scale of Perceived
Interpersonal Closeness
The Scale of Perceived Interpersonal Closeness was developed to evaluate levels of closeness as an aspect of interpersonal functioning. The format of the PICS requires an individual to position other individuals within a circular “closeness” space in which the distance between others can be mapped as an ordinal distance rating. The PICS is specifically designed to measure individual perception of interpersonal closeness and captures both the individual’s actual and ideal sense of perceived closeness and social support.

As interpersonal relationships develop in my life, I begin to create associations between those relationships and objects that I have attached to them. Because of these associations, objects that were once mundane, ordinary, and unimportant transform to become personal relics that I place a high level of value upon. The value of these objects oftentimes increases if they are associated with personal relationships that are no longer active parts of my life. This book is an archive of these objects, grouped according to seven past relationships that I have classified using the Scale of Perceived Interpersonal Closeness.

Has been on display at:
+ The Fine Arts Center at UTC
  Chattanooga, TN

+ The Tennessee Valley Museum of Art
  Tuscumbia, AL