The intimacy of a person's home can be the most delicate gateway to one’s memories. Typically when we leave something behind, we can revisit those memories through photo and media memorabilia, but these mediums only scratch the surface of how it felt in the moment. It’s the nuances that turn the space into a home. Our most vivid emotions are often encapsulated in the seemingly insignificant objects, sounds, and atmosphere of a domestic space.

404 is a 3D digital rendering of a personal living space that is memorialized using video game design as a medium—a technology that continues to find new ways to grant the user an experience that exceeds the limitations of the physical world. As you explore the space, you can stop and observe the seemingly mundane objects and sounds of domesticity: the footsteps as you go about your daily activities and the hum of a television that always seems to be running in the background. This technology enables me to revisit the space—the people, the experiences—and relive its memories in a way that feels uncannily close to reality, a kind of visualization of anticipatory nostalgia. The residual energy that clings to this space from this part of my life will be stored safely in this digital format, hauntingly inhabiting every pixel, as if I never left.

Has been on display at:
+ The Institute of Contemporary Art
  Chattanooga, TN